25 thoughts on “Olympic Road Race 2012

  1. DetectoMr

    Vino forever a vi vse pidori dolbaebi kotorie zaviduyut i etot vedyshii vashe lox ebanii tolko pizdit gandon a na bolshee mozgov netu vi vse pidori amerikosi a anglichane 9I vas vsex v rot ebal

  2. BoxCarBoy12

    Vino doped. No way an old fart would have been able to do that.

  3. Berikable

    Winner is Winner! Vinokurov did his best for Kazakhstan!

  4. splattering43

    and most of the world drives on the left dickhead so stfu

  5. splattering43

    this guy i some cocky and arrogant block. let me remind you that wiggins won the time trial and where were usa?!?!

  6. TyeDye75

    britsh riders spend most of their careers on the opposite side of the road than theyre used to, in France Spain and Itlay etc, if the rest of em cant handle one day on the wrong side then thats just tough shit

  7. Tanvir6079

    He is a nice guy with great knowledge but he looks like he is about to crap.

  8. gabrielevans999

    Didn’t see Cancellara complaining about his collarbone when he won the prologue of the TdF. And I see your point about leeching but thats a major part of tactical road racing – domestiques help them so much, but at the end of the day it’s up to Wiggins to be faster than everyone else. And from what I can see, he is.

  9. DestroyTheseWalls

    Must i remind you he was racing a cripple? Let me break your collar bone, stick your ass on TT bike and tell you to go all out… and what International title? he won the BRITISH title, he has no int. road titles, hes won only 1 Grand Tour… the track medals, ill give him those hes a great track racer
    but look
    But he relies on Froome to get him up mountains, if he was alone hed be screwed…
    Andy Schleck has his brother
    Contador, well hes a leech
    Wiggins, Froome
    Cadel, well hes leechy too

  10. justnotcricket

    Who’s commentary were you listening to? It makes sense that the British commentators would focus on team GB, but wouldn’t the American ones be more concerned about their own team?

    Anyway, OBS (Olympic Broadcast System) took a lot of flak for all the complaints you had (minus our road etiquette) in addition to not having timing gaps. Our commentators (BBC) had to figure that out informally by themselves.

    The hate against team Sky is a bit childish though.

  11. gabrielevans999

    Nothing without his domestiques? He won an Olympic gold in the time trial by nearly a minute, as well as past International titles and 3 other Olympic gold medals on the track. Please refrain from talking about things you clearly know nothing about.

  12. LetsGoFcukingMental

    Why does it seem nobody likes to see us do well & are over the moon when we don’t lol.

  13. DestroyTheseWalls

    lol i just dawned on me… the Olympics brings out all the idiots who think they know about a sport that seems simple… this guy probably first heard Vinos name when he crossed the line… googled it found doping and lance armstrong and acts like he understands it all xD

  14. DestroyTheseWalls

    Also do you know anything about cycling???
    Vino is strongman… not a GC contendor… he SERVED riders like Contador… he wasnt supposed to try and win the Tour de France since 2005… he was supposed to help his teams GC favorite win it…

  15. DestroyTheseWalls

    lol i remember this guy duking it out Lance Armstrong…but bradley and froome cant help…they are for the mountains i couldve told you that you need people that can ride flat races…
    fact of the matter is that Brittain thinks theyre on top of the world but they all rely on riders from Germany to America… A GC contendor relies on his domestiques and without them… hes nothing… in short… Bradley Wiggins is nothing special….


  16. martinmtzfierro

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  17. SMIDSY609

    we had excellent commentators here in Denmark. they were so also our own who has many years experience in covering all the major races. among our commentators were also Rolf Sørensen who is himself a former professional cyclist. but yes, the pictures and the lack of graphics was really annoying, you could easily see that the people behind were not used to cover cycling.

  18. MrHk2

    Maybe I misunderstood this guy when he said this would be the 1st time a rider has won gold with his country hosting the Olympics In 1984 Alexi Grewal won gold for the US in LA! .

  19. ruasetepovos

    Well said Dave! Love Olympic Road Race, no radios, no signs given to rides about front group or chasing group, just great old fashioned racing. No controlled rubbish like the TDF these days. Yes the commentary was rubbish, not the regular commentators for some reason. Vino is a brilliant racer, he’s full of guts, a legend and a amazing how he fooled Uran at the end. Well deserved a nice way to retire. Cav was just a moaner at the end, blaming the Germans & Aussies….disgusting I thought. GoVino

  20. MrDragon1968

    Mmmm, good commentary on the opening race of the games, but I think you’ll find over a third of the world (including Japan, Australia, India etc) also still ‘drive’ on the original side of the road historically- which was on the left. It’s not just ‘England’ (where you actually mean Britain).

  21. thetwinkleturnip

    I don’t understand why Olympians are so highly respected. They dedicate their entire lives to receiving medals, while so many others dedicate their entire lives to making the world a better place. They’re just the self centered athletes.

  22. Graham6762

    the commentators who were british said up until the last second that the british would easily win

  23. Alexander Fitzgerald

    fcking lefty american twat who knows nothing

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