25 thoughts on “Olympic 2012 Champion: Alexandre Vinokourov of Kazakhstan Wins the Mens Cycling Road Race”

  1. Alexander Nikolaevich Vinokourov, oh well, at least open your Google, type him name and read in Wikipedia.

  2. Hahahah, My friend, you are very wrong, he Russian from Kazakhstan, do not lead people astray!
      PS I know him personally

  3. Молодеццц! Все же он дошел до своей цели! В ту олимпиаду не получилось в эту он прославил Казахстан!!! Приятен наш флаг и очень красивый гимн!!!!

  4. thank you for this information Kazakhstan is a great country he accomplished a great win for his nation.

  5. I believe he is a Russian Kazak not an ethnic Kazak nonethless he still repersents his country proudly. 

  6. Правильно! Теперь казах должен выиграть золото для Армении! Тогда ваще будет офигенно!

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