25 thoughts on “The end of Vinokourov – Music Video”

  1. That`s true, he is gonna come back, and “Astana” team with Armstrong, Contador, Leipheimer, Kloden, and Vino, man that`s really unbelievable, and all world will know Kazakhstan as a real country, and everybody is gonna fuck that stupid Borat, his video is quietly bull shed when we have such a huge, and strong team “Astana”. To be honest Astana will win everything possible. Kazakhstan and Astana forever!!!

  2. U all heard about it? Vinokourov is making a comeback soon. He want to ride the Tour de France 2009.

  3. During this Tour de France (2008) I realized how much I miss Vino. Yes, he was blood-doped, but he was a great rider. I am still a big fan of him. 5 stars, thanks for this video.

  4. I have to disagree with ‘Adilfromkz’ that he is the best, as it is impossible to tell how good he really is because he doped. As a result, you have to discard any of his victories of records from when he was doping as they then become useless as it was not him, but the drugs that were racing and making those times.
    I do, however, agree with ‘grilled15’ in saying that he got what he deserved and cannot complain when the justice system goes agains the criminals!!!

  5. A whining loser. He got what he deserved, and now he’s being brought up on charges – which he also deserves. The sport doesn’t need shitbags like Vino. Goodbye, and good riddance!

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