12 thoughts on “Vinokourov Of Kazakhstan wins Olympic Road Race”

  1. Россияни задолбали не пишите всякую фигню! Он русский но духом и родом казах любит свою страну а к вам хер перейдет! Вам то золото одни хачи хохлы и т.д брали за вас! На своих пох а под себя любого готовы подписать

  2. Ага. А ещё не забудь прибавить медали России по дзюдо в копилку сборной Армении. Они же тоже должны были наверно за Армению выступать. Корнями он, если говорить точно, идет в советский союз, он имеет подготовку и закалку именно советской школы, а проживает последние лет надцать во Франции, так что не очень ясно почему он ДОЛЖЕН за Россию выступать? Мог бы если бы получил предложение получить гражданство и принял его, но никак НЕ ДОЛЖЕН.

  3. Россия пусть идет боком))) Вас данная победа никак не касается. Вино мог 10 раз сменить гражданство на Россию, но он этого не сделал, потому, что он ЧЕЛОВЕК

  4. I agree its hard to know who is clean and who isn’t but the biological passports do help. I hope the brits are clean especially after the latest performances, but not sure you can make it a nationalist issue otherwise. I do think that the systematic doping has stopped or they are a lot more careful and within safer limits. But doping will always be there in all sports, but will just take different forms. Personally I love cycling, though it breaks my heart every year, still go back for more!

  5. they used to only allow amateurs compete in the Olympic cycling. i think they should go back to that system.

  6. I think that with any professional sport where they earn huge salaries (and therefore the pressure to cheat is high) that for the Olympics, only u-23 athletes should be allowed to participate. most u-23 riders riding at the elite level are amateurs. this is what they do for Olympics in soccer, and so they should do it for Cycling, and Basketball. Why in the hell would I want to watch guys like LeBron James in the Olympics???! The basketball team should all be amateurs.

  7. and the riders that win and have not had any positive test or a ban, are still under suspicion, and those riders…tell me do you trust them to be clean or have been clean? see? cycling has beeen ruined anyway, I do not trust ANYONE connected with cycling now. kimmage book was damned by the riders of his time, if you read Fignons Autobio he states that they did take illegal substances (a rider that I admired) allbeit to survive a season….then EPO emerged thats why Lemond quit his last Tour.

  8. He retired once after a ban, and once from a broken leg. Pro’s are in the Olympics because cycling went open as a sport about 20 years ago.

    The sport has cleaned up quite a lot you just have to look at the number of big names that have been caught and banned. – watch out for the positives in lots of other sports during and after the games!

    BTW No one is forcing you to watch it.

  9. Молодец, вот только должен выступать за Россию а не за Казахстан. Русская фамилия идет корнями из России…

  10. This guy was on dope for years and retired to beat his bans 2 or 3 times and made come backs.on each occasion, should be banned for good but still he wins an olympic gold….why are Pro cyclists in the olympics? its pointless, I expect a pro to win easily the time trial. Cycling is in the gutter over EPO etc but it still has not cleaned up over many many years

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