25 thoughts on “Galibier Descent Tour De France 2005 vinokourov

  1. eloyn14

    No that’s not ‘The Boss’!!! In 2005 He led the Discovery team and not AG2R!!!

  2. PallackEnterprises

    :) no armstrong already wore yellow at this stage

  3. PallackEnterprises

    Is this the stage where Pereiro was with Vinokurov and Botero before he crashed in a field???

  4. nikpr85

    quel meccanico ha rischiato tutte le dita…. che chirurgo…..

  5. Craig Inman

    Nice Melomerito. Are you just upset that an Italian couldn’t win the Giro this year? And someone came in off the beach to kick you asses? Just keep posting ridiculous comments.

  6. melomerito

    quel frocio del cazzo è il più drogato di tutti. suck this dick cowboy!

  7. Craig Inman

    Absolutely, I think that a clean person can beat a doper.

  8. carlos lacsamana

    cant you sense the sarcasm ? DAMN!

    THEY ALL DOPED!! Armstrong just got the better stuff…hehehe

  9. sva12

    omg,do you really think that someone who’s clean can beat all the doped men?


    Fuck all cheaterrr !!!! Rassmusen & Vino(shit) suck !

  11. carlos lacsamana

    mayo,sevilla, heras, vino, Ullrich, Basso, beloki, valverde…they all Doped. Armstrong kicked their asses and he’s CLEAN!! LOL

  12. sprintbass

    you know what guys?
    im 34 and i started riding in 1985…so much has changed..i can look back on before lemond or any north american won anything in the tour de france..and now..i dont know how i feel..i can understand the pressures these people have on them, sometimnes i think thier directores tell them to dope and then when they get caught the director goes and acts like he is pissed and mad..look what happend to dario frigo..

  13. werd223

    it was his blood that he transfused. what they do is they draw thier own blood and save it for later.

  14. kathyfitz

    the tour is not going to be the same without vino – he was one of the greatest characters in cycling.

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