19 thoughts on “Alexander Vinokourov wins 2012 London Olympics road race

  1. lionlinekz

    is it supposed to be funny? I live in the UK for 4 years, I still find Borat jokes disgusting. Btw I am from Kazakhstan, but I would still hate that if he was from somewhere else.

  2. ccrider

    we know him as Vino too, but I was referring to potassium line in the Kazakh national anthem… by borat!  🙂

  3. baroh2413

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a repetitive hack. The Ali G interviews were funny but now he is just ridicoulous and embarassing. Anyway “Borat” said more about the ignorance of people in the west than it said of Kazakhstan. We, who follow cycling, have known who Vino is for a long time and we know what he stands for. Balls out attacks and winning no matter what the price is. He was winning races when Sacha Baron Cohen was still in High School

    PS I’m from Denmark and have no relation to Kazakhstan

  4. baroh2413

    Is he known as “Potassium” in Kazakhstan? We know him as VINO!!!

  5. max kaz

    vino just best of the best he is n1 in world sport

  6. Aida Yershigeshova

    Vinooooooooooooo is the beeeest!!!! Kazakhstaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!

  7. ccrider

    it was a very funny movie, but of course we (here in the US) don’t think of Kazakhstan that way. it was seen as a joke. anyone who took that movie seriously are very small minded and clueless indeed. anyways, congrats to Kazakhstan. this was a great way for Vino to end his career. 

  8. aika020933

    hehe =) i wonder how many people have watched Borat already? hope you don’t think of kazakhstan that way anymore.

  9. benji2261

    How much are the monthly rents in this neighborhood?

  10. interpolny6

    Very cool video. I was on the course near Fulham and took a ground view video which is almost exact opposite this one. Search “Men’s Road Cycling Fulham Road Ant View”

  11. BusinessTycoon81

    And you consume potassium exported by Kazakhstan, right?

  12. speedstriker

    This was such an unexpected upset, yet was one of the most exciting races I’ve ever seen! An absolute joy through and through!

  13. boomguard

    Once a cheater – always a cheater.

    People will not forget how Vinokourov cheated by using performance-enhancing drugs, he is not a worthy winner.

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