22 thoughts on “Vinokourov win stage 15 Tour De France 2007

  1. Mjagdjt

    Vino 4ever!!!!!!!! КАЗАХСТАН!!!!!!!

  2. hellohell77

    Honestly…..hes the only one that i dont care if he doped. I love how so agressive he was and still is. He puts it all out there every race. ITs as if he doesnt care about strategy or tactics. He just gives it his all every stage. For that he will always be one of my favourite riders.

  3. reigetje

    They all visit the vet sometimes, only a few get trapped.

  4. reigetje

    Vino is still the greatest and still has the most beautifull butt of the whole whide world.

  5. Karina88vol

    Vino is the Best Rider in the World!

  6. frodokurov

    Is a increible rider .I love Vino AND AUPA EUSKALTEL EUSKDI , Astarloza zurekin gaude muxo samu

  7. Bulga91

    Until UCI won’t put the lifeban, we won’t win this battle.

  8. devidia

    he is a big doper,okay. but you must know that EVERYONE takes,really everyone. the one more than the other…

  9. driEs199o

    i dont wanna see guys like him in the peleton again

    we must win the battle vs doping!

  10. stiiffey

    Vino rides like he’s angry with the world,to bad he used dope,what a cyclist loved him he was my inspiration now he is gone.:-(

  11. mckshrmptn

    vino got caught… lance didnt. many other cyclists were lucky to..vino destoyed em on this day ,,,,,,,sad

  12. brandonlau

    wonder what his heart rate was the whole time!

  13. ubsaliensis9

    Victory build on a lie. He was blood doped.
    But I will never forget him, he was amazing, and he is absolutely a fantastic cyclist with so much courage.

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