25 thoughts on “Vinokourov in Tour de France 2007”

  1. Don´t worry he isn´t the only one who is doped: it s impossible now o win a Tour with out doping. I think that almost everybody is doped.

  2. I liked him before he doped… he kind of betrayed me! didn’t even had the courage to admit his fault!

  3. I love how we all care about the sport and the fuck face is asking were to get a pair of glasses like vino… thats why cycling is were it is

  4. those yellow glasses of his are awesome. does anyone know where i could get a pair similar to them?

  5. I am reluctant, but must agree. I was informed from a very reliable source that when a local rider from my town was honoured with a position in a tour de france team – they made him take things. It was common practice.

  6. No, fuck YOU. How can you defend a whiny little take-my-ball-and-go-home douchebag like Vino?

    I hope he rots with the rest of the dopers. Time to get our sport back.

  7. Everyone of his era was a cheat. All the major teams were systematically doping, yes, this included Lance.

    But the way Vino cried like a bitch and quit the sport….that’s the measure of this twat’s character right there.

  8. He helped the sport fall into yet another depression. Oh but he road a bike well….on drugs.

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