17 thoughts on “Tour 2011 – crash Vinokourov 9th stage

  1. Sergio Garcia

    And one year later he became gold medalist in London. =’)

  2. leafsfan234

    Those arn’t just your teamates doing their job those are real friends

  3. JeDaaRe1

    Don’t be so stupid!! He was a doper, indeed, everyone knows that! But for the last years, he’s totally clean! So where are you talking ’bout?

  4. losowy82

    If not on his own, someone should pull him aside to not lose legs being run over.

  5. Gautran7

    Omg kutcommentators op NOS. Willems verwarren met Van den Broeck. Is die Smeets blind ofzo?

  6. MrBrandonLau

    @zinoii oh you meant van den broek my mistake. He looked like he was in shock too poor dude

  7. MrBrandonLau

    @zinoli he fractured his elbow and broke his femur(thighbone!) Bloody painful!

  8. losowy82

    Why is he sitting so long on his ass in the centre of the road ?

  9. TheMahoda

    Look @ 2.40
    There appears a white line behind the white car in the front.
    And the same white line disappear when the blue car behind ride over it.

  10. bet4free0001

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  11. azer477

    zo erg voor Vinokourov en Van Den Broeck veel beterschap voor hen en alle anderen die moesten opgeven wegen verwondingen

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