6 thoughts on “Vinokourov – fails Tour doping test (www.deronde.nl.tt)

  1. ssmokey31

    bc he used tha cancer excuse so he could hided wuteva he was using dumb ass…. nobody can run that fckn tour without somedrugs just think bout it they’r ridin a bike for 5 an 4 hours for 20something days man wuts wrong with yall , dont u realized that everybody do drugs in the tour

  2. JaahJeMoeder

    well they never caught armstrong with over 1000 test… looks obvious for me than

  3. sprintbass

    i agree..this whole thing is to selective to be something real…what amazes me is that if you think about it, lance armstrongs entire generation of tour riders (1998-2005)( have been caught, virenque,zulle,rumas,landis,vinojourove,ullrich,santiago botero,roberto heras, and then you have armstrong beating them, this was a man who was 180 pounds and rode classics..god love him for being a cancer surviver but facts are facts, things are just toooo conveint for my taste.

  4. Simplenotion

    I knew it and even though I like him more than I’ve ever liked an other pro-cyclist.

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