25 thoughts on “Tour de France 2003 – Stage 9”

  1. After this i always admired lance “theking” armstrong, shame he throwed all my admiration away with just one doping test..
    Shame on you Lance,

  2. go hard where? across the grass? waiting for someone who drops a chain is one thing. you dont wait for the guy who just busted his ass because of rider error.

    see: armstrong waits for ulrich…

  3. I know this comment is from 2 years ago, but Beloki falls, Armstrong shoulded stop, is just fair play. He started to go hard when Beloki was down.

  4. Me neither. I´´ve never seen something like this in my like. Sorry for Beloki. Incredible Armstrong

  5. Such a shame for Beloki, that must have hurt worse than most things.. Burned and scraped by the asphalt, breaking bones, and also a lifes work and his dreams crashing right there.. So sad.. 🙁

  6. he injured his right femur in 2 places
    it was horrible to see him never recovered from that crash

  7. Joseba Beloki, the day that I saw your fall I thought that the ciclism falls with you
    I was expected to see you with the yellow shirt in París
    You are mi idol
    Joseba beti egongo naiz zurekin
    Bihotzez Gasteiztar amorratu bat txirrindularitza maite duenak.

  8. are you talking serious that lance should have waited for beloki, or that because of this he shouldn’t say contador should have waited for schleck last year? you must be joking… beloki fell at more than 80 km/h with 3 kms to go, it was obvious that he had broken something + the race was wide open, even if it was a slight fall it’d be a different situation from last year’s tour, where the GC battle was only on andy x contador while here there were several riders still in contention.

  9. when I heard Beloki at 1:20 and iremembered that this was the end of his cycling career, I almost started to cry because I could feel the pain of him.

  10. He broke his hip or his pelvis I can’t remember which. After that injury he never got back to the form he had in 2003.

  11. haha when Armstrong takes the Grass, the Other are Looking like that: WTF a pair Seconds he whas behind us, now he’s on the Front :-O How Armstrong did it? 😀 haha Very Nice :P

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