25 thoughts on “Tour De France 2007 Vinokourov Contador”

  1. Armstrong and Pantani (may he rest in peace) … anyway is sad this is the only sport they do real tests, how about football ? … or others… our heroes loose their shine due to unfair dope testing.

  2. Remember when Cavendish didn’t dominate EVERY sprint. Haha its nice to look back and see some diversity

  3. the real winner of tour 2007 is EVANS he must have taken the yellow jersey at albi if rasmuussen hasn’t been there

  4. if the yellow jersey crashes the line with the main group he gets the same time as all of them, so he doesn’t lose any time or #1 position.

    if someone wants to earn time on the leader they have to break away in front of him and make a gap btw himself and the peleton.

    the sprinters who tend to win the flat stages are WAAAAY behind in time, like hours and are no threat to the yellow jersey. they’re racis for points for the sprinters’ green jersey competition.

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