25 thoughts on “Alexander Vinokourov”

  1. Vino had no help what so ever in the Olympic RR, that’s right good old fashioned racing, none of this team shi…t. Who does Cav think he is, blaming other nations! Vino tough, never stops trying, makes many attacks, old school………not like the pack men of today’s racing. Couldn’t be happier for Vino winning gold at 39 years of age.

  2. ‘Behind all great wealth is a great crime’. Something for ‘Vino’ to think about, if he does at all.

  3. I’m from Denmark and i’m proud of him too. We celebrated his medal with whiskey yesterday

  4. Doped mf being olympic champion…a shame!!! Beef blood! London 2012 are now a failure already! I am gutted…

  5. People can say what they want about vino, but he is just a class act and on of the best in history!

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