Vinokourov Sarcastic Over The Idea Of Clean Cycling

Questions over BMC is being levelled out by Vinokourov as regarding the clean cycling and the interest which TMC finds at as he believes that cheating is not systematic in his team.

The general manager of Astana, Vinokourov is also furious with the interest of the media regarding the doping record of his team. In fact what he thinks is that the Team Sky and BMC have dual characteristic regarding clean cycling.

As per the performance, four cyclists from Astana have been found to be taking drug that is they have been tested positive in the World Tour Roster as well as the team of Continental of the second tier which happened last year and signals have been given to drive out the team of Kazakhstan from the professional cycling. Questions over the legitimacy of Astana are under scanner.

In fact Vinokourov was also involved in a blood doping test for which he was suspended in 2007. The question of right versus wrong is a bygone idea what strikes is cheating versus goodwill in the sport of cycling as well.

Vinokourov in his defence points out that it is not right to blame and out fingers at the team of Astana and he has raised questions on Team Sky as well as BMC. The role of the MPCC is to put a curb on the doping cases which is ironical as Team Sky is not participating in. He feels that transparency as well as credibility should be present in any sport which Team Sky is lacking for. It is ironical that BMC and Team Sky are the only two which are not signatories to MPCC. He has pledged his team do away with any kind of cheating. He wants the fans to understand the logic which he is trying to point out.