24 thoughts on “Vinokourov is the best

  1. Denn677

    И за него и из-за Вино, мне стал нравиться велоспорт.

  2. Denn677

     Достаточно любопытно, и Назарбаев молодец.

  3. ashthedash1997

    biggest letdown ever! he was my favorite rider and he had to dope! why vino?!
    im sorry but i dont have respect for him any more! he is a cheat!!

  4. baroh2413

    You were a little too early to judge him out of the game. VINO FTW. The last old school rider

  5. Alexandre galter

    j’aimerai qu il continue encore de courir en pro , il va continuer a faire des courses amateur et devenir directeur de l’equipe Astana

  6. czernym01

    Vino°s fan, in bad times and good times. Forever!!! Right champion:-), thats Vino.

  7. wsman18

    Hands down I agree with you on doping. Someone can take massive dosages of testosterone or EPO, but if their nutrition isn’t right, it won’t help them at all. Nutrition is more important than any amount of drugs.

  8. zdar5

    1.Survivor-Eye of the tiger
    2.Maidi Roth-Pour la beaté du geste
    4.David Guetta-Love is gone

    Then i’d like to say all people who criticize cyclists who dope or who are suspected to dope:Look at yourself before criticize. Do u think if YOU use dope you will ride like a champion? NO.Dope or not they r strong. But what it makes me nervous its that all sports r using dope: foot,swimming,athletism,ALL,and people are such stupid to think only bikers take it!its 1 of most difficult sport!

  9. alexdu070

    Lui c le meiileur , sii il c dope c pck il &’ tonbe …

  10. satorrak

    que ijo de putaaa!! vinokourov the puto amoo!! sabes ke significa eso?¿? ke seguro ke tu kara huele mal, kara kulo de mierdaaa!! soplapollas! vino tomo vino, y punto. y aki a kallar ke tu no sabes ni lo ke es sufrir puto jubilau ke todabia bibes kon tu puta madre!! ke me la txupa todos los dias!! komo gozooo

  11. XsnareX


    Why the hell do you even go for the freak away every ones so sick of vokler its not even funny

    ” there goes vokler again”
    “ohh its just vokler”

    fuck off

  12. 001RusKZ

    Вино настоящий ЧЕМПИОН !!! Вино № 1 ! Все еще не раз увидят Казахстан на первых метах !!!

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