Vinokourov Gets Gold Bike For His Olympic Glory

If you have caught images of the latest custom made bike of Alexander Vinokourov you will admit that it is an extravagant piece that is one of a kind.

It is a gold bike that he has received post his victory in the road race of the Olympic Games. The victory that he won in 2012 surely deserves a bike that goes over the top. Many bikers might decide not to draw attention to them and keep their head down to do their work. However, Alexander is of a different mentality. The top bike that he has obtained has been revealed to all his fans and admirers as well as opponents to gawk at, in awe or in envy. The bike has been revealed before the Dubai Tour that is about to start this week. Vino is universally loved, especially in Kazakhstan.

His new ride is definitely a way of celebrating the win that he had at the road race in the Olympic Games held in 2012 in London. The frame set of the bike that is Unbranded, is made of shiny gold. He would probably be riding it soon in the Dubai tour for all to take a close look at the gold bike in action. It is said that he retired after the Olympic victory. Being the Astana boss, he has several feathers and roles under his cap.

The bike has several custom features. For instance, the paint job done on the bike is unique and the bling on the aero bars is something to look out for. There is the Olympic emblem on the bike and Vino’s branding. You can also see the spec group set of the World Tour team on the bike as well as on the wheel designs as well. There is carbon tubular that is fitted, of Corima carbon and these can be easy for rides that he takes post retirement.