25 thoughts on “Tour de France stage 8 recap.”

  1. Let me set this straight!

    Rasmussen was pulled out by his team because he lied and missed a few drug tests. In the tour he was tested MANY times and no drugs were found. His team withdrew him from the race. There is no proof that he doped.

  2. yeah and that was oscar pereiro who if we look besides floyd landis that cheater he won it in a cool way by a breakway along with other riders that no one wanted to catch and then they won with 30 mins

  3. Yeah Definitely. He made a mistake when he lied about his wereabouts (he later claimed it was because he wanted to save his marriage), but no drugs was found. I too hope that he will be in TDF 2010…

  4. yeah that’s what I thought. the press never said he was tested positive and you’d imagine he was tested in 07 TDF but nothing came out of it. I hope he will return with his form next year

  5. Michael was tested 17 times during the Tour De France. No drug was found as far as I know…

  6. he didnt get stripped for doping he had giving false information about his were abouts, and then the TDF management deciding that if the took him out of the tour then they finally could get a spanish rider to win TDF which they have wanted for the last 3 years.

    Rasmussen was the best and they just couldnt accept that, also all that say that he should be taken out for doping, well look at valverde,contador,armstrong,basso and pantani. all those have also taken drugs so they shouldnt ride also

  7. He missed a routine drug test held by the team before the TDF.  He lied about why he missed the test and why do you think he lied? Because he would fail the test.

  8. i know, i’d love to see him win. on a good day he’s a much better time trialist than any of the guys ahead of him; that + a recovery in the pyrenees could still pull it off.

  9. yeah, but don’t forget about vinokourov. Once he gets better, everyone else is done for.

  10. anyway, bravo contador, you’ll win the tour some day. and bravo mayo — where have you been all these years??

  11. i’m surprised how strong moreau was: you gotta wonder why mayo/valverde/evans didn’t help him make the pace instead of just chasing him down again and again. with some better cooperation they could have put sastre, leipheimer, menchov, kloden and vino out of the picture for good.

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