Betting on Tour de France

In France currently one of the hardest competitions in the world is currently taking place, the Tour de France is a cycling race spread all the way across the large country France for the best cyclists in the world to take part in. With most of the 21 stages being over 100 miles long the sheer level of fitness for these competitors is astounding and just how competitive everybody is is also a Marvel in itself. This just shows when you look at the top competitors and just how close they are with less than a minute and 20 seconds separating the top five cyclists in a race that has already run for 32 hours long. But with 11 more stages to go there is much more excitement to come.

At the moment the cyclists Chris Froome is currently leading the Tour de France and enjoying wearing the yellow jersey, however this could easily slip away from him by just making a single mistake as the other competitors will see this and jump on the chance to take first place in the yellow jersey away from him. This is not the only kind of race that is going on in the Tour de France for as there are many people only competing for the sprint events and mountain climbs in order to get both the green and red spotted Jersey’s which a prized amongst the different types of racers. Continue reading Betting on Tour de France