25 thoughts on “remembering Andrei Kivilev”

  1. I wasn’t into cycling when this happened, in fact I only really learned about it last year… but it’s just horrible!
    A couple of months ago I read about Vino participating in some race in Kazakhstan and after the race he’d said something about how important it is to wear helmet, even giving his own to that town’s mayor.
    I couldn’t help but thinking that he had a reason for such a statement…

  2. Покойся с миром Андрей. Все тебя помнят и никогда не забудут.

  3. R.I.P – Andrei Kivilev (September 20, 1973 — March 12, 2003) was a professional road bicycle racer from Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. In March 2003, he fell heavily during the Paris–Nice race and subsequently died of his injuries. His death was the trigger for the UCI to implement the compulsory wearing of helmets in all endorsed races.

  4. In the day of Wouter, impossible don’t remember Andrei.
    We like to imagine all of you (Andrei, Stan, Manuel, Joaquin, Davide, Fabio, Tom, Isaac, Serse, Ricardo, Frederic, and all all all) running and climbing the hills of paradise.

  5. RIP from Budapest,Hungary.
    A biciklirángatós falmászós emlékére.
    Another unfortunate death to a young father.
    Egy igazság van: nincs igazság.

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