12 thoughts on “Olympic Champion: Alexandre Vinokourov of Kazakhstan Surprised Winning of Olympic Cycling Road Race

  1. Tanvir6079

    Stop using the fucking voice thing. just find a mike and talk next time

  2. Жаслан Калмагамбетов

    Алга Казахстан!!!

  3. bettadayz26

    Good job!!! God bless you! And don’t mind those haters, in fact its good to have ’em!

  4. maxred222

    Great champion. Vino was and is one of the best attacking riders. Eddy Mercx, Ricard Virenque, Michele Scarponi, Bjarne Riis, Aldag, Zulle…all admitted taking something,… sometime in their careers. They made mistakes, came clean and continued on. They, just like Alexander Vinokourov were great champions. GO VINO!

  5. prbiba zhazykbekova

    Shut up, stupid bitch!!! Vino is great athlet!!!

  6. docmomo1233

    Doped! Doped! Doped! It is a shame for cycling and above all the olympics! Vino go back to kaz and inject some more of the bovine blood you like so much! Big freaking joke!!!

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