13 thoughts on “London 2012 Olympic Cycling Road Race London 28/07/2012: racing through Richmond Park 250k men race”

  1. WOW
    You never really get a sense of just how fast these guys go from watching races recorded from the camera mounted motorcycles and helicopters.
    It’s one massive WHOOOOSH and the whole peloton’s GONE!

  2. View my channel to see a video of the Olympics bike race that when through Dorking leading up to box hill

  3. I think it was unrealistic to expect Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish to win medals in this event. They’ve only just completed the Tour de France, probably the most physically gruelling sporting event on the planet.

    Or maybe they gave into temptation and ate the London 2012 official pre-contest meal: Big Mac and fries, a litre of Coca Cola, and Cadburys chocolates for dessert. Food of champions.

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