25 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong vs Vinokourov”

  1. esta bien desinformado compadrito!,que tiene que ver la caida de beloki con el titullo del video?

  2. He didn’t gain any advantage other than unwarranted hero staus for being able to steer brake and pedal, which is well, what he’s paid for!!

  3. Vino’s was quite the rider, unfortunately his problem was that his pedalling cadence equalled his IQ.

  4. Is that legal for Armstrong to skip the loop?? I guess maybe it is because he avoided that accident

  5. Its true that Beloki was only 40s down on LA when this happened but the climbing in that tour hadn’t even started and LA demonstrated many times his ability to drop Beloki on climbs in the 2000-2002 tours. Beloki could TT but again wasn’t in the same class as LA, routinely losing time to him. Remember that LA in his prime could TT with Fabian Cancelara & co. I’d argue Beloki was a challenger to Lance in much the same way that someone like Cunego is a threat to Contador…

  6. And I think that Jan Ullrich won the Tour 2003 if he hadn’t wait for Armstrong and Mayo after they fall down.

  7. at 1:52 Armstrong cut Beloki. I sorta wish it was the other way around. And Beloki, would’ve one the tour I believe. However, Lance was EPO’ed so it’s hard to say.

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