14 thoughts on “ASTANA VINOKOUROV”

  1. lol, u call him “unlucker” when he dopes himself? the stage before the stage he was doped, he really lost much time. then he doped himself and crushed everybody. vino should not be in this tour de france, he was doped, i do not trust him

  2. I love Vino<3<3 But of course I know that hes not the best cyclist now. but def the coolest. and the best mental power. love when he attacks.

  3. Yes indeed, I can’t wait to see him in 2010, It will be just like before.
    The last races he has ridden were great !
    Vinokourov <33

  4. I think it’s unfortunate he was involved in the doping scandal. I hope he will stay away from it. It is incredible that astana was created for him. It will be interesting to see what happens when he returns…

  5. I <3 Vino he is and will be the best when he will comeback!!^^
    And I am so proud of him!!!

  6. Vinokourov is the greatest proof that doping can make a mediocre athlete a world class athlete , hes possible one of the biggest users ever and is not capable of following the rest without^^

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