11 thoughts on “Alexandre Vinokourov”

  1. whats the song that plays in the back ground? does any one know? amazing
    rider, one of the all time greats

  2. Alexandre Vinokourov came on 3. plase under T-Mobile or “Team Ullrich”.
    Ullrich had 7 riders to help him, Vino had himself! Alexandre Vinokourov
    was the best. If he hadn`t falled he would probaly not have cheated, and he
    WOULD have won Tour De France.

  3. @alexvino99 I think klöden was in that year.. but was injured during the
    tour and therefore abandoned. It would’ve been very exciting to see vino
    and klöden battle ullrich and armstrong.

  4. @Voegl, yes Klöden was in that too that year… But Klodi was quite
    stronger than Vino on this tour and all of the other contenders, to me, he
    was the real winner of Tour 2006 & 2007…

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