22 thoughts on “Alexander Vinokourov wins stage 21 on Champs-Élysées (Tour France 2005)

  1. lionlinekz

    Do you have any proofs for that? Stop bullshitting

  2. 1stKimozabi

    Wow – look at that. A rider who actually won the final stage by himself. Too bad, sprinters. You have to let your team bring you to victory some other year.

  3. MuffinInDaHaus

    aggresive because he was doped. Let’s all hail the cheaters!

  4. davidoffon

    Without that music he never would have won!!

  5. kaldybekova

    I feel sorry for you. Maximum you can do it just watch a video on youtube and comment it. Even if you took a doping you are not capable to ride a stage. not mention about winning. You know it is true, that’s why you are angry.

  6. Gaustanify

    shut up you fuckings whore, you are such a looser. Pussyface

  7. RadioSky Nissan Trek

    vino a abandoné aujourdui fin dun gran du vélo

  8. Preiby

    Vino is the most combative rider in this era and despite some controversy I always enjoy him fighting. This is maybe the most daring and courageous moment in his career – attacking on last stage, when all sprinters are focused – really well done!!!

  9. Deltadawg660

    I agree, everybody is doping in some way or another. i liked him because he made the race exciting!

  10. hobbiesforever

    Vino! he is awsome even if he doped.

  11. hellohell77

    Honestly……..i dont care if he doped. I love how agressive he was and still is(as proof with his recent stage win in the tour). Hes always been one of my favourite riders.

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