25 thoughts on “Alexander Vinokourov Tribute”

  1. If vino wins the giro, it will be another nail in the coffin of pro cycling. All cheats should be banned for life the 1st time

  2. Cheat! He has no shame coming back to our sport, cycling would be better without this cheat. he is a disgrace.

  3. F-king cheater. He’s one of the bastards destroying the reputation of the sport. I hope he feels like shit when he’s older and looks back at a career of drug taking.

  4. Vino will always have the taint of being a 2nd hand blood cheat, with a suspension asterisk to his name. And, his Astana Team (post-Johan) management is notorius for being just one step ahead of INTERPOL and the IMF.

  5. I don’t expect Alberto C to be on team radio shack. I believe Alberto will stay on Astana while Vino will comeback on the team Astana riding for Alberto.

  6. Yeah. Vino won an asian ITT championship. great comeback. he is gonna wining season. viva la Vino!!!

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