16 thoughts on “Alexander Vinokourov Of Kazakhstan wins men’s Olympic cycling Road race

  1. Khalel Bizhanov

    He lived all his life in Kazakhstan…

  2. 2DKazakh

    yeah, when he was in second place only 10 meters from the finish he turned on the after burners

  3. iRaithYou

    Wow, dudes a beast. Did the whole thing by his self.

  4. 2DKazakh

    I was bouncing off the walls when i saw this live

  5. TerrorRobin

    freaking fake videos everywhere!!!!!!!

  6. lummosmaxima

    God bless you Alexander! Thank you!!!!

  7. erzhan500

    Винни спасибо за победу!!! Слов нету как я благодарен!!!

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