25 thoughts on “Alexander Vinokourov of Kazakhstan Wins 2012 Olympic Gold in Men’s Road Race

  1. lionlinekz

    get a bike and win the Olympics, what’s the problem? it is not matter of who you prefer to win, but the winner must be respected. Vino tried hard and finally won in his 5th Olympic Games

  2. MissAliko76

    Vinokurov was disqualified in the past unfairly, just bcs he was claiming for a gold and it was against smb’s interests in the France – that’s all. Shame on those people. With this victory and decent past he just proved that he deserves a gold medal!!!

  3. mkemmer

    report these useless videos – hit the flag next to the share button

  4. BraveNomadKZ

    “It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up”
    It’s definitely about you – VINO.

  5. nahAllow

    He cheated for years, and was banned for one year. Hardly a punishment. He is one of the reasons fans are ‘scandal-weary’, because his performances have a track record of not being legitimate.
    Of course he’s a capable rider, I just find it a disgrace that the flagship cycling race in the Olympics, with so many new bike racing fans at the roadside, was won by a cheater.

  6. nahAllow

    He may not have cheated this time (but surely you must realise there are always steroids not picked up by the tests) but he is a cheater and I would have preferred any other rider won.
    This is also possibly the worst ever year to mock British cycling.

  7. nahAllow

    haha, I cheered Rigoberto Uran at the medal ceremony because he’s a good guy. Vinokourov on the other hand is just a bit of a prick.

  8. Evest Makk

    And since his return to competition in 2009, he has been fighting to convince scandal-weary fans— many of whose heroes have been revealed as drugs cheats — that his performances are legitimate.
    When he won his second title at Liège in 2010 the lack of celebration at cycling’s oldest one-day classic was palpable. Indeed, some fans jeered and booed.
    But in two drama-filled years since the ban that could have ended his career he has so far shown that he is clean and still capable.

  9. AntonHu

    For the record I’m a Brit and think Vino was a very worthy winner. It was great to see him win at the end of his career in just the manner we’ve enjoyed seeing him race before – in a bold individual move. As for the drugs ban, he served his time and is now clean. People need to get over it.

  10. lencons

    Another bloody slide show on YouTube but this time not even the photos have anything to do with the title! FAIL!

  11. maxred222

    GO VINO! Good win. A great way to finish a great career. Vinokourov has the same attacking style like Sylvain Chavanel, or Jens Voigt. Too bad people like to focus on past mistakes. Mistakes that didn’t effect the long-term reputation of Merckx, Virenque, Riis, Zulle, Aldag, Frankie Andreu, or Michele Scarponi. These riders were forgiven by their people, or accused others to make themselves look good. But we still admire them…they were great riders.

  12. coriscada

    Para poner en su sitio al autor de “borat” y su racismo tan autocomplaciente, tan…… británico.

  13. Caroline Obanga

    Lol you are just angry because the british did not win. Better luck next time.

  14. ilafeiz

    do you think drug test was not enforced surely everybody must have the test before competing besides brits sucked just admit it

  15. boomguard

    Once a cheater – always a cheater.

    People will not forget how Vinokourov cheated by using performance-enhancing drugs, he is not a worthy winner.

  16. nahAllow

    I just think there were probably 109 riders who finished, who were more worthy of victory than a cheater and generally dislikeable person such as Vinokourov. I suppose I am a hater then, not because he is successful, but because of how he achieves success.

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