Alberto Contador forced out of the France Tour

Alberto Contador, a Spanish cyclist stated that he was going smooth with speed of 76.8 kph approximately 48 mph when he had a fall last month at the Tour de France. He had to forcefully withdraw himself from Tour de France as he fractured his right in the course of the accident.

He was in the stage of 10th in the competition when on July 14 he had the fall amidst the mountains of Vosges. After 20 days he again viewed his tumble by downloading the file and seeing the accurate speed of his fall which he stated on Twitter. Contador who is 31 had a fall while he was peddling from Petit Ballon, on a descent from 1 climb category.

Contador had triumphed in the tours of 2007 and 2009 had to quit himself from Vuelta a España because of the injury. In 2010 he was stripped from the title of third Tour de France as he was proven guilty of doping. Despite keeping a normal speed and also trying to continue the race with the same speed after fifteen minutes but he had to give up due to pain.

It was Vincenzo Nibali who strived in the group 10 of the Vosges Mountains as his rival Alberto Contador forcefully opted out. He had a shin fracture due to spill of high speed. Nibali now seems to be the favourite who has bright chances of winning the tour. Nibali has other wins too, in his stride which makes it possible for him to win the tour.

Contador is however, still unsure of what made him tumble on the tour. In the ninth place, Contador began the race with 8 seconds and 4minutes after Gallopin. His spokesman pointed out that he may have hit something and fallen.