Armstrong Documentary Reveals Rider’s Compulsion

The recent documentary on Lance Armstrong has attempted to seek justification for the fallen hero’s doping antics that shook the entire last year. Filmmaker Alex Gibney has come up with a documentary “The Armstrong Lie” that reveals the factors which urged Armstrong to resort to not-so righteous battles.

The defamed cycling legend became an inspiration not only to cyclists but also to the entire world when he battled his testicular cancer condition to secure his first Tour de France title in 1999. He shot to fame as one of the most highly spirited rider celebrity & a multi-millionaire as well, raising as magnanimous as 300 million USD + for the cancer victims through Livestrong Foundation. Most importantly, Armstrong infused a strong ray of hope and the very spirit to fight back among those trying hard to be in terms with the fatal disease.

Gibney started the documentary film on Armstrong as a testament to the rider’s comeback in 2009, but had suspended his efforts given the rise of doping allegations. Last year Armstrong went all public with the confession of banned performance-enhancing drug consumption during his much celebrated Tour France wins- which resulted in the cancellation of his 7 Tour France titles and a lifetime ban from pro cycling – nowadays he can just about go on downhill mountain bike holidays France, but probably not when the Tour is on!

However, Gibney later revisited his documentary film as an anatomy of Armstrong’s doping scandal. The documentary has showed what compelled Armstrong to entwine his strong determination to win at the track with the illicit advantages, sans getting caught for so long.

The film reveals that Armstrong got himself trapped in an uneven playing track where it was just not possible for anybody to win the illegal sans performance enhancers. Armstrong made the most out of the situation and unfortunately became a master here.