Vinokourov wins Olympic cycling race 2012

Vinokourov Video Score: 4 / five

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| November 18th, 2012 | Posted in Alexander Vinokourov |

3 Responses to “Vinokourov wins Olympic cycling race 2012”

  1. LessNuff Says:

    Well deserved.
    He allways attacked, has a great fighting spirit and I think its just a nice emotional end
    of a long great career.

  2. OneShotProjects Says:

    Australia and Germany mainly, that is a understatement, i wouldnt even call it fair play…just shows how as soon as GBR get brilliant at a sport, no other nation can handle it and resort to negative tactics, buckle up Australia and Germany, time trials are soon 😉

  3. OneShotProjects Says:

    He did not deserve to win…to put it blatantly, Team GB controlled the enitire race, all 250km of it, with out anyother nation dictating the race at the front, which they should have done, other nations were expected to atleast take the lead, but they decided to let the greatest cycling team in the world to cycle 250km at full speed…negative tactics by other nations,